Personal Care

We help many of our service users get ready to face the new day by assisting them to look their best all the way up to taking their medication.

Listed below is a typical day-to-day service. Please note that we offer an individualised service, therefore if there is something specific to your requirements that does not appear on the list, it will be included when our Specialist Nurse conducts an assessment.

The service includes:

  • Morning: assisting you with getting up safely
  • Toileting, washing, shaving, grooming, hygiene and general assistance in the bathroom.
  • Assisting you with what you want to wear and helping you to get dressed.
  • Preparing your food, starting from breakfast, whatever you want to eat.
  • Assisting with feeding or prompting to take meals.
  • Helping you with medication, prompting or assisting you to take your medicine.
  • Continence Care: help with toileting, changing or monitoring bladder or bowel movement.
  • Mobility: assistance you with movement, whether by hoisting, walking aid or manual or powered wheelchair.
  • Evening: assisting you with going to bed safely and comfortably.

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At Sisters Care Services we are experts in providing complex care to those with disabilities and chronic illnesses. All our services are focused on home care for our client’s comfort.


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